Interactive dance performance

A video of a version of Azamen is directed by Mariy Rosen.

Azamen is a series of interactive dance performances that use a special pair of wireless sensor costumes that connect the movements of the two dancers with a computer. The bodies are thus turned into musical instruments that are capable of capturing sounds and words, playing them over and over again, modulating and transforming them until they create the perfect audio environment for their dance. A special custom made software connects the costume-sensors with a microphone and loudspeakers and enables the direct live interaction of body movement and sound.

The possibility to influence and control the environment provokes the dancers to incorporate these changes and modulations into their performance. The interaction between movement and sound develops thus as an additional parameter of the relationship of the two dancers. They can not only react physically to the dance of the other, but are capable to encircle them with their voice, take their words and throw them back at them – much in the way we use to do in our everyday communication.

Dance and choreography: Sofia Georgieva and Aleksandar Mandzhukov
Costume design: Petya Boyukova and Albena Baeva
Concept and interactive design: Albena Baeva
Technical assistant: Stefan Donchev, Michail Vrachanski, Yordan Stoyanov
Technical consultant: Simeon Yanchev

Azamen is produced by the Alos Center, in partnership with the Nikolai Binev Youth Theatre, Robotev and Derrida Dance Center. The project has received funding from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Armeec and Foundation Etude.


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