Organisational problems in the preparation of the radio programme that was scheduled for tonight, led unexpectedly to a much smaller audience that would have been allowed in the studio.

Great interest shown in the performances of The DNA of Words, was for us a reason to change the date and the place of the performance to Thursday, December 22 at 9.30pm at The Czech Institute of Culture, G. Rakovski str 100, Sofia. cinema Vlaikova.

The performance will be broadcasted live on in the Alarma Punk Jazz show on Hristo Botev radio at 9.30pm sharp, so please be on time.

Please excuse us for any inconveniences this change may have caused and join us to explore words and sounds together.

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albenski · Monday December 19th, 2011 at 03:23 PM

Поради траура за Вацлав Хавел, “ДНК на думите” се мести от Чешкия център в кино “Влайкова”. Датата (22.12), часът (21:00) и излъчването по програма “Христо Ботев” остават същите. Входът е свободен!
Молим да ни извините за причиненото неудобство.

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