Runabout Project @ After Art


19th of december 2010 at 20:00h is the last show for this year. Albena Baeva and Segey Glinkov will improvise “Playing the Bergeron” at the bar After Art, str. Iskar 11, Sofia. Music, video and movement are united together in a single interaction through the custom bergeron-accordion made by Runabout. The improvisation between these medias happens simultaneously in real time. Samples are recorded during the performance, then mixed with the sound of a modulated melodica and visualized through a real time video. Every performance of the group is different and happens only once.

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  1. Mona Mauna says:

    Runabout project @ After Art –>> ДА ИЗСВИРИШ БЕРЖЕРОН

    Чакаме ви @ After Art! 🙂

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