Runabout is kicking off a new project, this time working with dancers. Interaction through Мovement is a laboratory, a room for experimentation with interaction between movement, video and sound. The dancers who take part will have the chance to gain first-hand experience of some of the Runabout project’s technology. They can try out how their own movements and body influence the video and sound environment. The laboratory will be led by Albena Baeva.

Interaction through Мovement Laboratory is part of Derida Dance Center’s project Interactive Room. Anyone interested in the subject is welcome. No advance sign up is required. Participation is free.


  • 20 to 24 February, between 1pm – 5pm, Introduction to interactive systems. Tests with software and hardware for interaction between movement, video and sound.
  • 27 to 29 February, work, following a personal schedule, with dancers with specific interests
  • 03 March, presentation of the project as work-in-progress.

We’ll be expecting you at the Derida Dance Center, Industrialna str. 11, Sofia.