runabout project

Concept and ideas, interaction software, instruments’ design and building, animation and video, lyrics, vocals and percussion

Albena Baeva works in the field of interactive design, experimental video and performance. In 2010 she graduated the master programme Digital Art at the Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Albena Baeva founded the Runabout project. She is co-founder of Reaktiv and co-organiser of Dorkbot Sofia and Ignite Sofia. Her works include interactive installations, videos and performances, developed as a part of Runabout project. She uses open source software and DIY practices for building new musical instruments and interactive installations for urban space and galleries. In 2011 she won the international prize for contemporary art of the ESSL museum in Austria and Vienna Insurance Group Special Invitation. The same year she is nominated for Baza Art Award. She creates interactive generative video environment for the Ikaar nominated dance performance ARTeFACT.

Albena Baeva participated in several international art exchanges and workshops in Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia and Italy as well as in group exhibitions and screenings in Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Romania and Bulgaria. She also participated in different national and international festivals such as City Hide Project 06 (Rome, Italy, 2006), Filmini Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2008), Da-fest (Sofia, Bulgaria 2009, 2010, 2011), Sofia Underground Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009), Videoholika (Varna, Bulgaria, 2010), Con.tempo (Varna, Bulgaria 2011, 2012), Outnow!Festival (Bremena, 2013).



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