picture by Zdravko Dimov

The sensor-based accordion was created by Albena Baeva, Petya Boyukova and Simeon Ianchev. The technology is based on two open source platforms: Arduino and Puredata. Bergeron Accordion is a special controller-instrument for accordionist, that was demonstrated by Andronia Popova (Nasekomix) in the performance Bergeron Experiment. Bergeron Experiment features a custom-built electronic accordion and an interactive costume that provide a twofold channel for audio-visual interaction. By playing on the accordion the musician is able to create and manipulate the visual parts and vice versa – through the sensors installed into the costume the actor influences the music. “Burdened” by the possibilities of the unfamiliar expression form, music and visuals strive to find a common language and to communicate with the public in one voice.


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